• Bellview

    01 President: Anthony Moultrie Email: 2750 Longleaf Drive
    Pensacola, FL 32526
  • Brent

    02 President: Tommy Carter Email: 501 Yoakum Court
    Pensacola, FL 32505
  • Cantonment Cowboys


    03 President: Heather Lowery Email: 681 Well Line Road
    Cantonment, FL 32533
  • East Pensacola

    04 President: Dennis Brown Email: 2422 North Davis Highway
    Pensacola, FL
  • Ensley Chiefs


    05 President: Mark Murphy Email: 551 East 9 Mile Road
    Pensacola, FL 32514
  • Gulf Breeze

    06 President: Aaron Hayek Email: 800 Shoreline Drive
    Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
  • Milton

    07 President: John Norton Email: 5629 Byrom Street
    Milton, FL 32570
  • Myrtle Grove

    08 President: Joe Mahuron Email: 99 North 61st Avenue
    Pensacola, FL 32506
  • Navarre

    09 President: Email: 8840 High School Boulevard
    Navarre, FL 32566
  • NEP

    10 President: Keith Hill Email: 2130 Summit Boulevard
    Pensacola, FL 32503
  • Pace

    11 President: Timothy Campbell Email: 5400-5551 Limbaugh Lane
    Pace, FL 32571
  • Pensacola

    12 President: Raymond Palmer Email: 1301 West Gregory Street
    Pensacola, FL 32502
  • Perdido

    13 President: Patrick Fieg Email: 2020 Bauer Road
    Pensacola, FL 32506
  • Salvation Army

    14 President: Thomas Vick Email:
    Pensacola, FL 325
  • What types of Rosters do Member Parks submit to the NWFYSA?

    There are two types of rosters: Player Rosters & Coach Rosters. A Player Roster is a list of all players at your park. A Coach Roster is a list of all coaches at your park. Each park sends an initial roster (we call it the Certification Roster) to the NWFYSA -- one for players and one for coaches. After the Certification Roster is sent, a park can send updates to the rosters (we call them Roster Updates) anytime player or coach information changes. There is no physical difference between a Certification Roster or a Roster Update -- just the name and the Certification Roster is the first roster sent to the NWFYSA but the method for creating and sending them are the same.

  • How does a Member Park submit a Roster to the NWFYSA?

    The NWFYSA does not accept paper rosters. We require each park to use the Smart League Manager/Roster software program. The software program is free to all NWFYSA & ERC (Escambia River Conference) member parks. You can download the software program below on this page. After you download and install the software program, download and install any updates (they are also listed below on this page). When the software (and updates) are installed, start the program, set your park up in the configuration section and then begin entering your players and coaches. When all your players and coaches have been entered you are ready to send your roster(s) -- export the player and/or coach roster files (yes, there is a separate export for file for players and coaches) and attach them to an email, then send the email to If you make any changes, simply repeat the process to send a Roster Update. When you download the software program, you can also download the user manual/instructions.

  • What is NWFYSA League Certification?

    League Certification is where each player and coach on your Player & Coach Rosters attends one of the NWFYSA certification events. During certification, we will verify who they are and take their picture -- confirming their identity. Only certified players and coaches can participate in NWFYSA league games. Players must bring an original (or certified) birth certificate (no copies) or military ID. Coaches must bring a valid driver's license or military ID. The League Certification process is very quick and efficient -- about 1 minute or less per player or coach once the process starts -- and we will have 4 certification stations running at one time.

  • What happens when a Member park submits a Roster Update to the NWFYSA?

    When we receive a Roster Update, we import it to our league software and it will automatically identify the changes and update the NWFYSA Player and/or Coach records. However, if a player or coach is already certified, the system will not accept changes to Name, Date of Birth or Park. Players must also be in their age division (or +1 year) per league rules. Remember that any player or coach on the roster must be league certified or they will be marked as NOT CERTIFIED on the League Game Roster and will not be able to participate (coaches will not receive a Coach ID until they are NWFYSA & USA Football Certified). You can send an unlimited number of roster updates to the NWFYSA, however, you must abide by the Roster Update Deadlines (listed below) for the update to be included on Official Game Rosters. Once we have updated a roster, we will send the park a copy for their records.

  • What is an Official NWFYSA Game Roster?

    This is the roster that is used before each game to check in players. The Official Game Roster has each player (in jersey number order) listed with Name, School, Restrictions, Jersey Number and their Picture. Once the freeze deadline for a Game Roster has passed, we will send the rosters to all parks to be distributed to their head coaches. The official game roster has 2 versions -- one is a PDF that can be viewed on a smart phone and one is a traditional report type format that can be printed. We encourage each head coach to use the paperless copy.